High Schoo / Confirmationl Faith Formation Classes

High School Faith Formation (grades 9 - 12)

The Brainerd Lakes Catholic Churches seek to provide a comprehensive, dynamic and faith-filled education for middle school youth and young people preparing for the sacrament of confirmation. Additionally, we seek to provide opportunities for young people to practice their faith and be involved in their Church.

High School Faith Formation Classes are held each Wednesday Night (from September-May), please see schedule for exact dates.

All high schools students from all four parishes of the Brainerd Lakes Catholic Churches (All Saints, St. Andrews, St. Francis, and St. Mathias) meet in the same location at St. Andrew's Catholic Church to use the classrooms.

High School Faith Formation and Confirmation Paperwork and Requirements Explained

Confirmation Prep is a three year high school program to prepare young people to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation as well as teaching them how to live out fully the grace that comes with the Sacrament.  The purpose of a three year program is to provide time through relational ministry to help young people mature in the Catholic faith and acquire habits of learning and prayer.  Freshman Faith Formation is a year for teens to build relationships with other teens as well as continue to grow in their Catholic Faith.  Freshman will begin to meet with a small group of other students that will be led by an adult Discipleship Leader.  This small group will remain together through Confirmation.  While the content for the freshman year is not Confirmation specific this is a pivotal year to meet and bond with their small group and grow in their faith.  The curriculum for freshman consists of a great teen DVD series with Matthew Kelly called Decision Point as well as a Bible Timeline Series led by Marc Hart.  This curriculum is aimed specifically at teens and helping them meet Jesus in the challenges they face every day. Junior and Senior Faith Formation use The Chosen Series which is a captivating and quick moving Confirmation Prep curriculum designed for teens that help them see the relevance of Jesus and His Church in a world packed with distractions.  Since sharing our faith as Catholics is not always easy the small group setting also allows teens this experience in a safe environment.  

Attendance:  Attendance at Mass, Wednesday night faith formation and church functions are an extremely important part of living and learning about the Catholic Faith and growing closer to God.  Regular attendance is necessary.  If a confirmation candidate misses more than three classes in the given academic year, please contact Dan Johnson (218-829-1340) to arrange a plan for catching up.  It is the candidate’s responsibility to seek out the make-up work needed.

Service Hours:  The purpose of service hours is to help foster in our young people a heart that desires to serve.  Jesus said whatever you do to the least of my brothers you did unto me.  As Christians we are called to serve those in need especially since we can count it as serving our Lord directly.  The Diocese of Duluth requires 5 service hours per year of high school, grades 9-11.  At the beginning of the year each high school small group will decide on a service project to be done sometime during the school year.    

Retreats:  A retreat is a great way to grow closer to God and to the community.  Confirmation candidates are expected to make at least three retreats before they are confirmed.  The retreat may be put on by staff from the Brainerd Lakes Catholic Churches or the Diocese of Duluth.

Those planning to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation in the upcoming year must attend a retreat specifically relating to the Sacrament of Confirmation put on by the Diocese of Duluth and are encouraged to attend the retreat offered here in Brainerd.  Those unable to attend the Brainerd Confirmation Retreat should inform the confirmation coordinator as soon as possible to arrange for another retreat date and location because rides and chaperones will also need to be arranged.  The Brainerd Confirmation Retreat for 11th graders will be held December 2nd & 3rd 2016.

Sponsor Form:  This form is completed at the end of the candidate’s second year of preparation.  This form shows the confirmation coordinator that a candidate has chosen a sponsor.  This form also provides contact information for the sponsor so that the confirmation coordinator may send preparatory materials to the sponsor.

Application for Confirmation:  During the third year of preparation, the candidate applies to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation.  This is the candidate’s formal request to freely receive the sacrament.

Letter to the Bishop:  During the third year of preparation, the candidate must write a letter of request to Bishop Sirba.  Further instructions will be given out at the beginning of the third year of preparation.

Interview With A Priest:  Candidates must complete an interview with their priest prior to receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Dan Johnson is the contact person for High School Faith Formation, he can be reached at 218-829-1340 or djohnson@lakescatholic.org